Wiggio Wins Gold in the 2012 Olympics!

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The past few days, we’ve been noticing people talking about Wiggio going for the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics.  And although sometimes we make-believe we’ve won gold medals – we actually didn’t qualify.  So we were curious, who is this mysterious Wiggio Olympian?
So we hopped on the Internetz, and we learned that Bradley Wiggins, aka Wiggo or Wiggio, is a professional cyclist racing for Great Britain this year.  Here’s what else we dug up:
He won the Tour de France this year:
1st British Cyclist Ever To Win The Tour De FrancePARIS – Twenty-three years ago, Bradley Wiggins marveled as Greg LeMond blazed a trail as America’s first Tour de France winner. Now, he …
He has epic “lucky” sideburns, and his fans have made a hilarious original song as an ode to them:
Amazing Bradley Wiggins and his side burnsthepitdonkey
As well as a Twitter account:
@SLehotsky @bradwiggins I have a song about me! Excellent!Wiggos Sideburns
He is the most successful British athlete and Olympic cyclist of all-time with seven Olympic medals, including four gold medals.  He’s also the first athlete to win the Tour de France and an Olympic gold medal in the same year:
Record Breaking News! Bradley Wiggins wins Olympic time trial to become most decorated British Olympian with 7 medals. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/cycling/news/article/bradley-wiggins-wins-olympic-gold-time-trial.htmlCTVOlympics.ca
Bradley Wiggins is first man to win Tour de France and Olympic #cycling gold in same year http://bbc.in/OJgRSm #London2012 #BBC2012 #tdfBBC Breaking News
He recently launched the Wiggo Foundation earlier this year “to promote participation in sport and encourage people to exercise on a regular basis”
Bradley Wiggins FoundationThe Bradley Wiggins Foundation
And we really want to hang out with him: 
Getting wasted at at StPauls http://instagr.am/p/Nzdm3NTLyH/Bradley Wiggins
Wo collected a handful of tweets we see from fans cheering on Wiggio (which we pretend are actually for us):
Go Wiggio and Chris!!!!! #cycling #Olympics2012Lucy Green
Bradley Wiggio at the openning ceremony >>¦Austin Miller
The Wiggio Affect: Bradley Wiggins’ Tour de France win boosts UK cycling sales | Miles Brignall http://gu.com/p/399bt/tw via @guardianFlutterBlade.com
I’m gonna say it once & own it. @chrisfroome is hotter than Wiggio. Am I right @michellecound?DotM
Wiggio is fastest at the 18.4k split by 11s :D #GoWiggins :D #teamgbTaras Dhedhi
woo another gold! #Wiggio #TeamGBEmz
INCREDIBLE RIDE @bradwiggins @TeamGB Congrats on your 4th Gold!! Way to go #Wiggio! #OurGreatestTeamJason Haldane
Ole Ole Ole Wiggo! Wiggio! Briiliance again from @bradwiggins & Chris Froome. Gold & Bronze for the GB boys! Fantastic lads!Dave Kynaston
Olympic Glory #wiggio Well done Chriss Froome and Bradley Wiggins!GO TEAM GB
@LeiSamBam Wiggio crushed it. 2nd:Tony Martin. 3rd:Froome. Taylor Phinney was 4th. Fabs was top ten but clearly in pain at the end!!DotM
Bradley Wiggins! You would think those sideburns would devastate his wind resistance, but he just keeps winning.John Green
Bradley Wiggins crosses the line with a stunning time of 50:39. A full 42 seconds quicker than anyone else! Only one rider to go now… #wowTeam Sky
I think Wiggins sideburns are a ploy for sponsorship. when you get to the top of your sport, Gillette come calling, shaving them off = ££££Jack Whitehall
Wiggins you champion!! Now celebrate by having a shave!Jesse Burgess

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