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Storified by Shannon Lehotsky · Fri, Oct 26 2012 08:58:51

As the coach of Mountlake Terrace Girls’ Basketball team, I use Wiggio to communicate with our girl basketball players, as well as with their parents.
As a male teacher/coach, I needed to find a way to quickly communicate with our High School players without having their phone numbers in my cell phone. I performed a Google search for free communication software, and Wiggio came up. I decided to give it a try because it appeared to be simple and quick, which is what I needed. Now, this will be my third season using Wiggio to coordinate our team.
My favorite Wiggio feature is the ability to input our schedule into the Wiggio calendar, which everyone can access. It is also convenient to have text and/or email reminders sent out to every player and their parents before all of our practices and games.
I also can quickly send updates from our schedule to the team. Even if it is a last-minute change to the schedule, they will quickly receive the news through a text message. In case anyone needs to refer back to the content of the message, they can simply log in to Wiggio and see the message on their newsfeed.
Wiggio provides invaluable communication tools for my team and me. The privacy of Wiggio groups makes it very easy to quickly communicate with my team, without having them give me their personal information. I will definitely be using Wiggio for upcoming seasons.
David Brophy
Coach, Mountlake Terrace Girls’ Basketball team