Social Groups

Storified by Shannon Lehotsky · Fri, Oct 26 2012 08:55:47

One of the ways I am using Wiggio is to coordinate and to communicate with all the bridesmaids in my friend’s wedding, which is taking place one year from now.  I set up the account and invited the rest of the wedding party after my friend got engaged a few months ago.
I have been using Wiggio for over two years already for my own group work, and I decided to make a group for the wedding party because it was hard to get preliminary ideas out about the bachelorette party and a wedding shower through email correspondence.  Wiggio helped us all be able to communicate in one central location.  Also, I made the group because I love to introduce new people to the features of Wiggio!
My favorite tool is the polling feature.  There are six of us in the bridal party, and we each have different opinions.  Instead of sending multiple emails back and forth and creating confusion, we can send out a poll to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. That way, we can make the best decisions – like going to Las Vegas for our bachelorette party!
Our group uses the wall correspondence the most, because it is perfect for keeping in touch about wedding plans.  Also, it keeps our email inbox less full, which is always a good thing.  Wiggio helps us communicate easier and more effectively, so we can throw our friend the best bachelorette party ever!
Laurie Burgess