Small Businesses Using Wiggio

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Sushi Affair is an on-sight sushi catering service. We bring a sushi bar & sushi chef to your home, office, or special occasion. We also have a clothing line of Sushi Affair Apparel that we design and sell.

Sushi Affair is a home-based business without a central office. Wiggio provides our partners a place to communicate via conversation threads without confusing e-mails, and a place for a central calendar. We can upload files such as menu proposals, photos, and diagrams, and keep them in a central file for anyone to pull up as needed.


I have two Wiggio groups for our business, and we are very active. I login at least once a day, as well as the other members of our group.  Wiggio is invaluable to our group! Good communication is the key to success, and Wiggio provides that for us. We will definitely keep using Wiggio to help run our small business.

Joanne Vallar
Principal, Sushi Affair
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