Voice of Africa

Storified by Shannon Lehotsky · Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:55:54

I am the President and Co-Founder of Voice of Africa, a non-profit African performing arts group based in Utah. Our group works to promote African Culture awareness through collaborative dance, music, and song, and we use Wiggio to facilitate our organization.

I first heard of Wiggio two years ago from an advisor. Our group was struggling with being able to collaborate efficiently, and as a non-profit, we had very little budget to spend on commercial collaboration software.

I made Wiggio our primary collaboration tool because of the number of tools that is included within your account. I was unable to find all of the services that Wiggio provides in any other application – and on top of that, they were simple to use so all of our members were able to learn the application on their own.

The most frequently used features our group uses are the shared calendar, and the mass text messaging. They help keep us on the same page at all times, and streamline all our communication needs into one tool. As volunteers with other jobs and responsibilities, we really value the way that Wiggio eliminates the hassles of working together.

We’ll definitely keep using Wiggio because it is cost effective, and user feedback is taken seriously. There is also an obvious focus on constant innovation, which makes it the most competitive product in the market for a free service.


Christopher Chileshe

President & Co-Founder, Voices of Africa