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I’ve been using Wiggio for a little over two years. Right now, I’m using it primarily with my fraternity at Boston University, Sigma Alpha Mu. Wiggio is an essential part of our fraternity. It provides us with the ability to remain in constant contact with our group.

Although we send out emails to the entire chapter frequently, this method of communication was ineffective for instantaneous/urgent messages. Wiggio was able to provide tools for that exact purpose. We needed something that would provide us with the ability to contact the group immediately, so the mass texting was a key deciding factor for our organization. Free membership was also a significant influence on our decision to adopt Wiggio.
We use the texting feature to remind brothers about event details such as location, time, and anything they are responsible for bringing. It’s a great way to connect instantly with the entire group. We have been able to use SMS group messaging in order to make quick changes to events or remind people about location and time.
In addition to SMS, we also use polls for brotherhood events and to determine which times of the week brothers are most free to grab lunch. Using polls is a great way to determine what works best for the group. My favorite Wiggio feature is the ability to create a poll.
These features and more set Wiggio apart from other service providers in the competitive red ocean collaboration software market.
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Nicholas Nobile
Sigma Alpha Mu at Boston University
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