Wiggio Group of the Month: Village to Village International

This July, we featured Village to Village International as our Wiggio Group of the Month.  Village to Village International exists to bring hope to the global orphan crisis by caring and advocating for orphans and providing financial solutions for adoptions.  We connected with Matt Borst, the Executive Director, to learn more about their group.

How are you using Wiggio?

We are using Wiggio to help us communicate as a board of directors. One of the responsibilities of our board is to review and approve applications that come in to us. We post the applications and approve/disapprove them right on Wiggio.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.52.54 AM

How did you hear about Wiggio?

One of our board members, Toussaint Goudeaux, brought it to us at one of our board meetings as a solution to things getting lost or buried in email threads. He found it through Google.

What feature do you use the most?

We are still learning all of the features, but the feature we use the most is uploading files. We upload our applications for approval, minutes from our previous board meetings, and documents, reports, and agendas for upcoming board meetings.

How has Wiggio helped your group?

It has simplified our communication as a board, made it easier to share reports, and documents for upcoming meetings, and has decluttered our email inboxes. We are excited to learn more of the features and to use them to their fullest.

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