Wiggio Application Updates

Wiggio has a new look for the new year!  Based on your feedback, we’ve made a few aesthetic and functional changes to our site.  Take a look below and see how we’ve improved…

Overall Look and Feel

We’ve redesigned the Wiggio interface to have a slick, modern feel.  All of the tools and applications you have been using are still here — we’ve only rearranged some of our features to make the site easier to navigate.


Application Tabs

Now you can easily transition between your group’s Feed, Folder, and Calendar by clicking on the Application tabs, located above your group content.  Simply click on a tab and you’ll quickly access that application from wherever you are – no backtracking required.

Restructured Toolbar

The toolbar has shifted locations to the right side of the screen, and organized to provide easy access to every tool.  Just click on the name/icon of what you want to do, and begin working.


Now when you’re working within a specific group, that group will be highlighted in your group listings for easy reference.


Now, you can easily manage your group settings and personal profile within the newly designed heading. When you are in a group, your header will show that group’s information, as well as the options to make changes to that group.  You’ll also find the option to manage your own profile.

Bonus Feature:  Video Notes

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Wiggio tool:  Video notes. Personalize communication with your group by recording the message as a video.  Recording videos is incredibly easy — just click on the “video note” icon, record your message, then send to your group.

Questions?  Comments?  Please send to feedback@wiggio.com.

Thank you to all our users for the great feedback —  and keep working in groups!

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