Wiggio Announces Premium version – takes cloud collaboration to the next level

Wiggio develops a new Premium version, offering advanced features and customization for schools and organizations.

Boston, MA, October 31st, 2011 – Wiggio.com has announced the release of their Premium application, which offers groups and organizations a private-labeled collaboration tool.  This application combines Wiggio’s existing services with new advanced features within a closed community.  So far several organizations have already adopted the Premium version to strengthen their collaboration capabilities.

By offering this upgraded version, Wiggio’s goal is to take cloud collaboration to the next level. “Wiggio has always enabled teams and organizations to work together online — we’ve now built this premium version to best meet the advanced needs of groups, who request an ad-free, private-labeled environment for their members,” said Wiggio Founder and CEO Dana Lampert.

The Premium offering is designed to transform the classic Wiggio application into an organization’s private workplace. This version also includes new tools like group analytics and administrative functionalities.

One of the first organizations to adopt the Premium Wiggio is the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS).  At NIMBioS, top researchers from around the world work toward finding creative solutions to today’s biological problems, and they are using their Premium account as the central location to share their research, ideas, and data.

“We’re looking forward to applying the cloud collaboration approach to both foster scientific collaborations across disciplines and to evaluate how new technology is affecting the science while reducing travel and associated carbon costs,” said NIMBioS Director Louis Gross.

The NIMBioS Community, developed by Wiggio

The NIMBioS Community, developed by Wiggio

Wiggio’s membership has risen to nearly one million users since its launch in 2008. The company plans to expand its Premium offerings to more schools, businesses and other organizations in the near future. 

About Wiggio

Wiggio is a free productivity tool that simplifies group communication.   Private groups of any size can quickly and easily communicate and share information in real-time via text, email and voice messaging, live phone and video-conferencing, file sharing and editing, group surveys, shared calendars, schedules and discussion topics.  Headquartered in Boston, Wiggio secured $2.1 million in a Series A financing led by New Atlantic Ventures in mid-2010. For more information, please visit www.wiggio.com.

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