Where to find inspiration for your next project

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The hardest part about starting a project often takes place when choosing the topic. Here are a few places you can turn to for creative inspiration:
1.  StumbleUpon
This gem of a website can be great when you need to see some quirky content. Set a timer for how long you are allowed to surf—once you get going you won’t want to stop—and search under the category “Writing”.  StumbleUpon will deliver a multitude of websites that offer you writing prompts, tips, and remedies to beat the infamous writer’s block. You can give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to pages, helping the website deliver more relevant content.
2.  Six Word Memoirs by SMITH Magazine
This collection of short, succinct messages about a variety of topics offers screenshots of people’s lives. If you’re having trouble deciding where to begin with that big paper due tomorrow, just tackle six words at a time. It’s a creative method that allows you to work on one small step until you have a grasp on what you want to say.
3.  People-watching
The old fashioned practice of observing passersby never loses its novelty. Simply go to a well populated area like a coffee shop or a park and observe who and what goes by! Parks, malls, and busy intersections are great venues to watch the world and all the oddities it holds. Consider
everyone else’s perspective of the world and how it might differ from your own; there’s a multitude of topics hidden in that alone!
4. Be Alone and Silent
Being alone (but not lonely) is sometimes the best method for generating new ideas. Once you’ve consumed everyone else’s concepts, it’s best to think through your own opinion on the matter.  What do you take away from what everyone else has said and done?  It’s important to shut off all distractions–it’s difficult to think of your own ideas when those of others are filling your mind.  Once you get an idea, run with it, even if you don’t think it’s great. Giving yourself space to think and reflect on all you ideas might lead you to the metaphoric pot of gold!
From where do you get inspiration?   Let us know in the comments.
This post brought to you by guest blogger Amanda Tessier, marketing student at Emerson College.

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