Tips for Promoting Events on Campus

The event your organization plans is only as good as the number of people who attend.  College students are bombarded with promotions about events on campus, from Facebook events to flyers – so try to find ways to generate interest through other outlets.

Partner with another student organization

Double your promotional power by co-sponsoring with another student organization that could align with the theme of your event.  Possible partners could be through Greek Life, health and wellness centers, and performance groups.  Not only does it increase the number of people spreading word, but it can also attract a bigger and more diverse audience.  Don’t forget about reaching out to outside charities as well.

See if your school newspaper will cover the event

Try framing the event to be newsworthy to avoid sounding like an advertisement.  For example, highlight high attendance numbers or a milestone anniversary of the event.  If you are fundraising, try setting an ambitious goal like these Penn State students, or make a bet with faculty members like this local Principal did to encourage her students to read more.

Digital signage

See if there are any campus information boards on campus that you can use to promote your event.  You’ll have more control over when they displayed, and they are no printing costs associated.  You might even be able to include a video or animation to catch attention.

Announcements at other events

Is there another event happening on campus with an audience that might be interested in your event?  See if you have hand out flyers or talk to students there to generate buzz.  Don’t be afraid to ask if the fellow student could plug your event if they have an opportunity.

Social Media

With 45% of college students checking social media sites at least once a day, this is your best outlet to reach fellow students.  Tune into hashtags that students are using, or departments that are also on Twitter and might share your posts.  You can even create your own hashtag or profile/page for the event, and be sure to research popular blogs among college students to see if they could cover the event.


Shannon LehotskyShannon Lehotsky is the Marketing Director for Wiggio.  Before graduating from Emerson College, she was involved in over 10 different student organizations.

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