This Summer, Don’t Stop Wiggio-in’

There is usually an indirect correlation between the temperature outside and our motivation to do work. Just because school is out, doesn’t mean you can’t use Wiggio – we can help you stay productive this summer for groups outside the classroom, too.

We’ve put together a few ideas for groups that you can make this summer – and threw in some tunes to motivate you despite the rising temperatures.

  • Part-time jobs – Part time jobs mean inconsistent schedules, requesting days off, and switching shifts.  If you create a Wiggio group with all your co-workers, everyone will have access to the employee schedule online.  Also, you could send mass text messages to co-workers if you need a last-minute shift change.
  • Socialize with School Friends – Even if your friends moved back to their home towns this summer, you can stay in touch with them with a Wiggio group.  Share photos, post updates, send mass text messages, and video chat with your friends from wherever you are.
  • Apartment Hunting - Finding an apartment off-campus can be a daunting process.  Schedule times to look at apartments with realtors, upload important paperwork, share photos of apartments you’ve seen, and use the Feed to open discussion with your roommates.
  • Summer Classes - Summer classes usually have less students, and teachers often assign group projects to streamline work.  Living off-campus, going on vacation, and working summer jobs are just a few reasons it can be hard to manage schoolwork in the summer.  Connect with group members and teachers with a Wiggio group – you can share assignments, schedule virtual meetings, and manage project tasks with to-do lists.
  • Student Org Planning – Since student org leaders have most likely been elected at the end of this past school year, you can use the summer to get a head start with planning activities for next year.  Even simply initiating conversation and sharing ideas with other group leaders could give you the momentum to accomplish all your goals during the next year.
  • Connecting with Teachers – Building relationships with teachers is important while you’re in school.  Often, teachers have years of experience in the industry you will be entering, and they can assist you with job search after you graduate.  Manage your network of professors using Wiggio, and you’ll easily stay connected with them years after graduation.
  • Vacation Planning – If you are going on vacation with a group, Wiggio can help you share information with everyone, and provides an archive of information so that can be referred to later. Poll family members to see what activities they’d like to do during vacation, share itineraries, and post updates to the group as vacation plans are finalized.
Leave comments below if you’ve created a Wiggio group outside the classroom – we want to hear how it’s worked for you!

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