The Wiggio Awkward Group Photo Contest

Good Afternoon Wiggio-heads!

Intern Charles here, reporting on the latest Wiggio update. Yes, folks, we are launching a contest! The concept is simple, but oh-so-fun.

Wiggio is calling for all student groups to submit their most awkward group photos. Have your teammates fallen asleep during your study session? Take a photo! Are you at a themed event by your organization? Take a pic!  Are those silly group yearbook photos timeless and pure gold? Snapshot-edit-submit!

To submit, go to to get a chance of winning. Oh, did we forget to mention the $500 GRAND PRIZE?

Here are the instructions to enter:

1. Upload your photo to our Facebook page.  Feel free to add a funny caption.

2. Share with friends and get as many “likes” as you can.

After uploading your photo to our Facebook page, we’ll review your submission and if it is the top five most-“liked” photos, it will be posted in our Tumblr’s “Top Pics of the Week” page.


All submissions must be posted to our Facebook page by midnight on February 15th, 2012. The Winners will be selected based on:

1. Likeability by the Wiggio Team

2. Number of Facebook Likes

3. Facebook feedback and comments

So, is your organization up for the challenge? Tell your group, spread to your fellow organizations, and see if that $500 ends up in your mailbox.

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