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Maintaining Your Org Over Summer Break

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

If you’re like me, the thought of summer break around the corner makes you want to don those bright summer shorts and slip into flip flops.  We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your friends but it’s even harder to stay in contact with your group members over the summer.  Here are some tips for being productive with your group:

Pre-Summer Planning:  Hold a meeting with your e-Board before the school year ends to discuss how you’d like to kick-off the Fall semester. Again, make sure to record your plans on an online shareable document! If you haven’t already set goals and points of improvement for next year, have that conversation as soon as possible.

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Student Leaders: How to make the most of your summer

Monday, July 2nd, 2012


Author Louise Blavet is a graduate from Tufts University in International Relations with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership, and is interning this summer at Wiggio.

Are you one of those really busy students with many leadership positions? Do you find the first few weeks of college hectic as you try to balance classes, club meetings, sports, and partying with your friends?

What Wiggio recommends: use your summer to plan ahead!

Summer days are usually spent hanging out with family and friends, traveling, working, reading, sleeping, and/or tanning. Spending a couple minutes out of your vast days to think ahead and plan for the fall can be vital in alleviating some of the pressures you get during that first week of school. Here are a few tips that can help you plan for your organization’s successful fall semester roll-out.

1. Determine your tools for success: Whether you plan to start a new campus organization or lead the club you have been presiding for three years, it’s important to identify your organization’s needs, goals and objectives for the fall. Once you’ve understood what you want accomplished by the end of the summer, you will more easily know what events and meeting topics you will want to implement. The earlier you do this, the better. As a leader, having this vision will not only help you plan relevant content, it will help communicate your mission more eloquently and motivate others to follow.

2. Bureaucratic stuff: Check your college’s Student Activities Center, to make sure your organization has fulfilled all the paperwork, funding requests, and workshop sign-ups to ensure your existence on campus. You also might want to make sure you have an awesome classroom reserved for your weekly meetings.

3. Recruitment Planning: Want to impress incoming freshmen and lure upperclassmen? Instead of putting together last minute unappealing word.doc posters, and chalking your campus grounds before a rainy day, start thinking about what makes your organization different or unique, what it has to offer, and how students can benefit from being a member to develop a recruitment strategy that works.

4. Expand your Network! You’re still in college, so you might not know how important networking is. However, if you want to push your organization to the next level, explore opportunities to partner with other student organizations, or find faculty members for mentorship and development.

5. Calendar Planning. It’s probably the most helpful tool you could ever use, so use and share that Wiggio calendar! Take the time to plan all your fall semester events, meetings, socials, etc. in a coherent manner. In your planning, also mark your school’s important days (Homecoming, midterms, days off…) to avoid planning events during these conflict times. Make sure that all events are dispersed throughout the semester, giving realistic times to prepare for them.

6. Stay in touch. Few students are thinking about school over the summer. Perhaps you don’t need to reach out to your general members, but it’s important that they know they can reach you anytime.  Also, keeping your executive members involved will reduce some of their fall semester responsibilities.

7. KEEP IT FUN :) Students join campus organizations primarily because they seek a social environment that offers friendship, support and understanding. Collaborating together doesn’t always mean serious business, so when you’re brainstorming ideas for events, meetings, marketing strategies, make sure you keep it fun!

Welcoming our Summer Intern, Louise

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Louise\'s PhotoHi there! My name is Louise and I’m Wiggio’s new intern for the summer of 2012! I graduated this May from Tufts University with a major in International Relations (you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here), and a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership (ah, that makes more sense). I was originally born in Taiwan, have lived in France, and plan to stay in the U.S. a couple more years (fingers crossed). I’m passionate about photography, sesame bagels and Pronunciation Manual.

I’ve only recently started my internship, but I can safely say that I’ve stumbled upon a great opportunity. Having developed a strong interest in marketing, I’m really excited to be working on the summer projects Shannon has put forth. Where better to embark on a journey full of excitement and learning than with a start-up company? So, in hope that you are still reading this, please reach out if you want to learn more about the opportunities here or what we’re working on. It’s the summer, and even though we’re not tanning on some beach with you, we’re not too far away!