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SHOUT-OUT to Marketing Clubs and Groups

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Storified by Shannon Lehotsky · Fri, Aug 17 2012 08:26:02

Wiggio was started for college students, by a college student.  And so, as part of our entrepreneurial spirit and marketing endeavors, we have worked with marketing/PR groups at several schools around the country to promote Wiggio around their campus.  Some fun events we’ve done include:

            – The Nearly Naked Run for charity
            - Stress-Buster Events (with Nerf gunswater pongswag and prizes)
            – Littering campus with swag (postersdoor hangerstowelssoccer balls)
            - Generating PR buzz 
            - Booking speaking events to get exposure around campus
And more!
Partnering with Wiggio is a great opportunity to boost your resume, too.  So if you’d like to get experience working with a real client while having fun – send us an email now!
Wiggio on CampusPinterest
Wiggio on CampusPinterest
Wiggio on CampusPinterest