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Group of the Month: Chico State Men’s Rugby

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

We interviewed Pat Boal, President of the Chico State Men’s Rugby team, about how his team found value in Wiggio’s platform to support his sports team.

“The oldest sport club on campus, dating back to 1918, the immensely popular Chico State Men’s Rugby team averages over 200 in attendance for every home game. We compete in the Pacific Coast Rugby Football Union and play some of the most premier teams in the country including Cal, St. Mary’s, Stanford and UC Davis. We also have the highest number of students on our club averaging 50 to 60 members each year.”

Chico State Men\'s Rugby Team

Pat shared with us how Wiggio was brought from the inside the classroom to the field. “I heard about Wiggio through some marketing classes that I was taking. I had a group that all lived off campus and could never find time to meet up for group projects. One of them showed us Wiggio and we continued to use it for the rest of the semester and carried on using it for other classes as well.

“I currently use Wiggio to communicate with the entire rugby club. We have about 50 members on our team. As for features, we use the calendar to schedule games, which is really convenient. But the most important tool is the mass text messaging.  If there ever is a last minute time change or location change of a game or event, the mass text is great to let all team members know instead of having to call each person.”

Along with the calendar and texting features, Pat makes use of how easy it is to add and remove people in the group. “With people graduating, quitting the team, or transferring schools, a lot of our members join and leave at random times.”

Wiggio was vital in one situation where Pat’s team needed to communicate with each other urgently.  “Wiggio helped us out big time before one of our home games last year. We were scheduled to play at our home field at a certain time, and because it was also parents weekend, a lot of people were traveling for this game. The team that we were playing also had parents weekend, and at the last minute asked if we could schedule for an earlier game time.  Luckily, we had Wiggio to alert everyone of the change so they could tell all of their family, friends, and other fans to arrive at the correct time. Otherwise, everyone would have showed up late to the game and missed out!”

Thanks for sharing Pat!

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