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Group of the Month: Salem State Univ. PRSSA

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

This month, we’re featuring Salem State University‘s PRSSA Chapter as the Wiggio Group of the Month.

The Salem State PRSSA is a chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America international organization.  It is also a sister group of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America).  PRSSA’s goal is to help prepare students and young PR professionals for a role in the communications workplace. Our chapter does this through hosting mock interviews, resume building workshops, taking tours of communications agencies and bringing in speakers.”


Salem State PRSSA started using Wiggio in the fall of 2009.  They were introduced to Wiggio when a group member attended a PRSSA Regional Activity at Boston University, and heard WIggio CEO Dana Lampert speak.

Chapter President Carrie Mahoney says, “Wiggio helps Salem State PRSSA communicate more efficiently and helps to organize events, meetings and workshops by either creating addition groups or by being able to openly talk in a safe and convenient way.  My favorite tools are the calendar and polls, but our group uses the file sharing feature the most.”

The file sharing feature really came in handy during a recent competition. ”We were submitting a campaign to competition when one of our executive board member’s computer crashed. Unfortunately, he had the entire project on his computer. But thankfully, he had sent it for review to the group on Wiggio and it was still there. We ended up winning an award with that campaign presentation.”
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