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Welcome to the Wiggio Blog

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

WELCOME!  Wiggio is a free, simple website that makes it easy for students to work in groups.  Wiggio provides students with a toolkit of powerful functionalities, which include:

  • a shared calendar – sends you text message reminders before your meetings, practices and events
  • easy file sharing – never send attachments back and forth again
  • mass text messaging and mass voice mailing – send a SMS or voice message to your whole group at once
  • polling – ask your group members questions and get aggregated responses as they answer
  • group conference calling and chatrooms
  • to-do lists, resource lists, and group brainstorming

All sorts of groups have started using Wiggio.  These include academic project groups, clubs, committees, sports teams, fraternities/sororities, TA sections, college dorms, bands, housemates, families, charities and small businesses.

Wiggio is still in development, and is about 70% complete.  You can certainly register now and take advantage of Wiggio’s awesome tools, and you should expect the full suite with all the bells and whistles to be released in mid-August.

Do you Wiggio?  If not, check it out now at  Stay tuned for all the latest updates, as Wiggio prepares to explode onto the scene this Fall.