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Sharing Files Safely, Simply and Quickly

Monday, October 24th, 2011

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Author:  Kevin Schuchmann, teacher at West Delaware High School, as part of A Teacher Life Guest Blog Series.

I stepped out of a convenience store a few days ago and saw one woman’s worst nightmare. There in front of the door lying on the ground was a credit card glistening in the sunlight. I picked the card up thinking I might have better luck finding the owner than the convenience store clerk who seemed overwhelmed at times by all the buttons on the cash register.

I soon found the lady’s name in a nearby town after pulling out my cell phone and doing an online search. After dialing her home phone number I spoke with her husband.  Apparently he was talking to her on his cell phone about that very same thing.  Eventually she agreed to return to the store as I was in a rather long line waiting for a car wash.  It was less than five minutes before I saw a woman pull up in an SUV and walk towards me. I had given her a description of the vehicle I was riding in which made it fairly simple. There just aren’t that many red jeeps waiting in line on a Friday afternoon at a car wash. She whipped out her driver’s license, I gave her the card, and that was that. Not even a thank you or a smile, but that’s another story.

Funny how that event reminded me of all the great things Wiggio does with file sharing. I have Wiggio groups that share files with students, other teachers, and other school districts. This online file sharing system is great not only for sharing but also for storing files. Videos, links, documents, and presentations are just a few of things available to group members. Got something you want to share with only a few members of a group?  No problem.  Just select their names and you can keep your little secrets confidential.

Collaborative assignments are a breeze.  Long distance sharing is efficient, secure, and immediate.Anyone in any group at any time in any location will know almost instantly when a new file has been uploaded to their group through either a text message or Email message.  How can you beat that?  Imagine a world where everyone is connected and information can be shared safely, simply, and quickly. You have that with Wiggio.