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Product Update: Wiggio iPhone App

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

You’ve been telling us, and we’ve heard it all.  Although provides all the tools you need to work efficiently in group projects, you’re not always going to be in front of a computer to access them.  We created the Wiggio iPhone app to help, and since it’s launch, people have been thanking us for the convenience of using Wiggio tools on-the-go.

Just like, our iPhone app is completely free and the easiest way to manage and communicate within a private group.  But we weren’t sure – do you know just how much you are capable of doing with the Wiggio app?

With just a tap of your index finger, you can:

  • Send blast emails and free* SMS messages to Wiggio contacts
  • View files on the go
  • Manage you schedule by creating and viewing events
  • Join or create new groups, and invite others to existing groups
  • Schedule conference calls, virtual meetings, and chatrooms
  • View polls and to-do lists

So if you haven’t already, check us out at the App Store and see why our users are using the iPhone app to help them with groupwork.  Our users have given us a 3.5 star rating – and we want to hear what you think of it, as well.

*Standard data plan rates and limitations may apply

iPhone App Screenshot2

iPhone App Screenshot2