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Measuring Effectiveness of Collaboration Software

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Darryl Myers

Darryl Myers is the VP of Business Development at Wiggio.

Since launching Wiggio’s premium service, our clients introduced us to an array of collaboration use cases.  Although our clients come from various industries, we’ve noticed a common question arising from them as they adopt collaboration software for their groups:  “How can we analyze user adoption and participation?”

Several industries are shifting towards cloud computing and using collaboration software.  While the advantages are obvious, some organizations are still unsure of exactly how switching to a collaboration software will affect their group’s organization and communication.

As you know, Wiggio is a collaboration and productivity application, where groups of all types and sizes can leverage web-based capabilities for group work.  The organizations that we’re engaged in conversation with are all searching for a social collaboration tool that will not only provide easy-to-use asynchronous and synchronous tools, but also analysis and visibility into user and group behavior.

Enter the Community Portal, a new feature within Wiggio’s premium-service. The Portal provides collaboration champions/administrators transparency and analysis into group and user behavior.  With it, administrators can assess and identify:

  • Each user’s activity levels
  • Listings of groups per user
  • Group activity as a whole
  • Types of content created within each group

Our goal for the Community Portal is to provide group administrators insight and transparency into group and user activity. The Portal allows administrators to assess user adoption and contribution, helping administrators track the transition from their old working habits to the Wiggio collaboration platform.

Wiggio Analytics

Admins can determine the level of engagement of individual groups and projects, based on the activity levels per group.  And, administrators can identifying passive content consumers, as well as users that contribute the most to group work, by evaluating the activity levels for each user.  Instead of pouring through qualitative content, the portal provides quantitative analysis about which users and groups are contributing the most to their group or their project’s success.

To learn more about what the Community Portal and our Premium Service offers, or for a personal demo, email us!