Student Orgs: Wrapping Up The Year, Part 2

Hello Wiggio-heads!  Following up from our previous post, I’ve put together a few tactical tips to help you end the year smoothly for your student organization:

Tip #1) Make To-Do Lists - If you have multiple projects or objectives left before the year ends, make separate lists that include the purpose for each task.  Note deadlines, and who needs to complete each task.  Finish projects faster by sharing with other group members.

Tip #2) Mark Your CalendarsAs planners, student leaders tend to mark their organization’s deadlines among dates from your personal life.  Try the Wiggio online calendar for your organization’s deadlines – events will be color coded to reduce confusion, and your members can filter and see all their deadlines in one place.

Tip #3) Don’t Wait Last Minute for ElectionsProcess which seats are open and how you will cast votes. You can do it online anonymously or by a live blind vote – either way, do it in a timely manner. It’s important that your general members know the incoming Executive Board members. The earlier you build trust between both bodies of the organization, the more well-oiled the organization will be the following year.



Tip #4) Hold a Mandatory Relaxed Final E-Board Meeting - This particular tip is golden, because I’ve used it in my organizations with much success. Hold a final meeting in a relaxed area – an all day picnic in a park is perfect, because your E-Board will see it as fun work, and you get to bond at the same time.  Focus on the following basic structure:

  1. Reflection – Look at the past year – what worked and what didn’t?
  2. Group Analysis – Ask a member to take a stroll around the park for 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, list praises for what that person has done well in the year and how they can grow.  Once they return, share.  Stay positive and constructive!
  3. Brainstorm Events/Ideas for Next Year – Start to think about where the organization is going. Mark down what needs to be done and when it would be appropriate to host. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that there is a clear vision by writing down an objective.
  4. Bonding time – Play games, cook and eat together, learn to appreciate what each member has contributed in the year and celebrate it! Just do something fun to make your team stronger.

As a leader, you must know how your team works before you utilize it.  But once you figure it out, don’t forget to document everything that you talked about.  Start a document on Wiggio and save it.  At the beginning of next year, revisit it and get a sense of what you want to achieve.

So there it is, folks!  Wiggio wishes you the best end of the year and we hope that we can help organizing it all with you. If you have tips for ending the year easily, submit your tips in the comments section, and we’ll include it in a follow-up post to share your ideas.

Wiggio Out,

Intern Charles

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