Wiggio for All Group Types

What do an entrepreneurship class and a cake decorating club have in common?

They both can use Wiggio to work efficiently.

Last week, we saw Lindsay, one of our Boston University brand ambassadors, take Wiggio into the classroom. In one week, she presented to 4 different business classes, as well as the culinary organization C.A.K.E.

She was able to explain to each group how Wiggio’s tools could help them with their individual needs. Wiggio’s simplicity offers the tools that all group types can use to work together. Find out just how Wiggio can help your group here.

Check out the photos below of the groups she’s getting in front of.  They can’t wait to start making groups:

Boston Photo 1

BU Photo 2

Interested in being a brand ambassador for your school?  Email us.

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