May Wiggio Group Profile: America’s Service Commissions

America's Service Commissions (ASC)

America’s Service Commissions (ASC) is a national association of the 53 state service commissions, its programs and partners working collaboratively to advance national service, volunteerism, and the national network of state service commissions.  We connected with them to learn how they are using Wiggio to manage group work.

How are you using Wiggio?

We are using Wiggio to host a Resource Library to facilitate peer-learning among state service commission staff and governor-appointed commissioners.

How did you hear about Wiggio?

A handful of our member state service commissions currently use Wiggio for a number of reasons from conference planning committees to hosting group documents and shared learning for their grantee programs. We decided to try Wiggio as a resource for the larger state service commission network based on their experiences using it.

What feature does your group use the most?

Currently we use the Folders section of Wiggio the most as a way to easily organize documents for our Resource Library. It provides an easy way for our members to access and share resources with the field.

How has Wiggio helped your group?  

Wiggio has provided a low-cost and user-friendly platform for our network to share resources and ask questions among each other. It has helped connect state service commission staff that otherwise may not every be able to meet in person. In addition, with such a large network it isn’t always easy to know the best person to ask for assistance so the ability to ask questions to a larger group enables people to respond based on their individual skills and knowledge base.

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