March Wiggio Group: Subtle Yoga

The March Wiggio group is Subtle Yoga!  We connected with owner Kristine Weber to talk about how she’s using Wiggio to train yoga instructors.

What groups are you managing?

I have several Wiggio groups (I think 7 to be precise).  All of my groups are my different yoga training programs.  I train yoga teachers typically in modules that meet one weekend a month, although some of them meet for longer periods but still have gaps between our get togethers. So that means there is a lot of time between each of our sessions.  There’s reading, homework and papers – people have questions and they want to connect.  Wiggio has made that process so much easier for me!  With seven groups, I have a lot of students that need personal attention – Wiggio has made it much easier for me to give it to them.

How did you learn about Wiggio?

My partners and I were looking for a way to streamline our communication with students.  Everyone liked Facebook – but it’s not very functional – I couldn’t upload documents or audiofiles.  One of my partners found Wiggio through a Google search and we all agreed it was exactly what we needed – fun like Facebook, but actually functional!

What feature do you use the most?

Mostly I post messages to the Feed, but I also use the calendar and upload documents. Sometimes I use the video or audio note file which is really fun.

What is your favorite Wiggio tool?

My favorite tool is probably the calendar in that it keeps all my dates accessible. I still use my Google calendar, but the Wiggio calendar has been very helpful.

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