Managing Political Volunteers with Wiggio

As the presidential race progresses, we wanted to share how one political candidate used Wiggio to manage the volunteers for his campaign.  If you’re involved in a political movement, Wiggio could be the perfect tool to help you manage your campaign.

Working at the county-level for the Jerry Brown Gubernatorial race in California, it was important we use a tool that would allow us to effectively communicate with several thousand volunteers. While Yahoo and Google groups might have met some of our needs, from the perspective of functionality, we would still need to find outside resources to meet all of our needs.  With Wiggio, we found one site that fulfilled all of our needs and more.

While social media can be a helpful campaign tool, it can too often become a hindrance due to over-reliance or over-saturation. The true value of Wiggio for us was not in its ability to coordinate every member of the volunteer database, but rather its ability to hone in on and work with a core group of dedicated volunteers without overexposing the larger list. Ease of use for basic users and the ability to individualize access for more advance users allowed us to rapidly mobilize teams of volunteers for specific events and avoid volunteer fatigue, leaving the larger group ready and energized for the larger get out the vote activities.

Now with the release of Wiggio’s second iteration, what was an amazing and free campaign tool now becomes unmatched in its ability to communicate with and manage groups from small to large. Wiggio has taken all its best feature sets into the second iteration while enhancing its overall usability for the widest range of users.  Given its intuitive nature, ease of use for basic users and comprehensive features for the advanced user, I believe Wiggio will become the industry standard for campaign volunteer coordination.

Jared LS Dearing

Ground Operations Manager, Sacramento County

Jerry Brown for Governor | 2010

Jerry Brown Campaign

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