Maintaining Your Org Over Summer Break

If you’re like me, the thought of summer break around the corner makes you want to don those bright summer shorts and slip into flip flops.  We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your friends but it’s even harder to stay in contact with your group members over the summer.  Here are some tips for being productive with your group:

Pre-Summer Planning:  Hold a meeting with your e-Board before the school year ends to discuss how you’d like to kick-off the Fall semester. Again, make sure to record your plans on an online shareable document! If you haven’t already set goals and points of improvement for next year, have that conversation as soon as possible.

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Timing:  Most of the time, everyone has plans to relax and enjoy the first weeks of summer. With that said, it’s smart to contact your group members 2-3 weeks after you’ve left. Keep the e-mail/notification lighthearted – show them you care by thanking them for their hard work during the year. Then let them know of important dates and thoughts to ponder upon.

Keep Tasks Light But Purposeful:  Summer is a great time to brainstorm as the best ideas usually come when you have less distractions.  If you do have tasks that need to be finished over the summer (such as planning for your Org Fair table or Recruitment Marketing), assign broad tasks that span over the entire summer. It’s a time of de-stressing – deadlines stress people out.  Don’t forget to mark it in your group’s calendar!

Keep A Conversation Going:  If you find an article/news story/picture that is relevant or inspiring, share it with your members. Upload them onto your Wiggio feed for all to see. It will keep the conversation going and will keep the organization in their minds regularly over the summer.

Enjoy and Contact Members On Occasion:  Remember that this break is also a time for you to enjoy.  With people on vacation, working, or just hanging out, it’s best to communicate with them no more than 2-3 times a month. Any more and you’ll be annoying. We hope you enjoy your summer breaks!

Many of you will be at home, spending time on vacations, or working. Whatever you do, stay organized, productive, and connected – your team will appreciate it next year.

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Charles Gryor Derupe is a student at Emerson College at interned at Wiggio during the Spring 2012 semester.


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