June Wiggio Group: Cambridge DELTA Trainees

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This month, we connected with Wiggio user Marisa Constantinides.  She is using Wiggio to manage students in her online Teacher Education Courses for English Language Teachers.

Can you describe your group?

I started using Wiggio with a group of Cambridge DELTA trainees who are following an online course by attending webinars on teaching methods for English Language Teaching. My trainees come from the UK, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Greece (where CELT is located) so I was looking for a platform which would serve the needs of my course and be a safe, private and secure environment with a range of features.

How are you using Wiggio?

I chose Wiggio as our main communication platform because it makes it so easy to post to the whole group or individuals, to subdivide them into working groups or project teams and to use a wealth of features which we have all found to be especially useful.

Assignments, Teaching Observations, peer observations can all be loaded to each group’s calendar, files shared, videos and more with each group having access to their own file and links area.

I think it’s a great solution for an adult community of students with all the good features of other platforms, which I find more suited to younger learners.

How did you hear about Wiggio?

Wiggio was warmly recommended to me by Nik Peachey, well known education technology consultant, who runs our ICT for ELT course. Of course, I value his opinion very highly so after registering and testing out the various features, I was convinced that this looked like our best bet!

What feature does your group use the most?

File and link sharing are the two features shared most by my trainees and we have been using the feed instead of emails for all our communications, so it’s all in one place. They also really like the text chat which is a great way of keeping communication going between their weekly webinars.

What feature is your personal favorite?

I really love the availability feature – we use it to schedule extra meetings, chats, tutorials and even live observations. I think it’s one of the great features of Wiggio along with some of the other great features I have already mentioned.

Was there a specific problem that Wiggio fixed, or a specific moment when you were thankful for Wiggio?

Quite a few times recently, I have felt thankful for the fact that my email inbox is less cluttered with questions as trainees are now able to read each other’s questions, so there is less repetition and less writing for me; they also tend to help and answer each other’s questions more, which is great.

A more specific problem is one related to our own VLE breaking down recently – with all of us kicked out of our online session! Wiggio was our rescue and served as our Plan B and I was able to set up and invite everyone to a Virtual Meeting within Wiggio within minutes, which was a great relief!!!!

I’m really happy I chose this platform as I feel it covers all the needs of an academic programme; its use is not difficult at all and my students have given us very positive feedback for our choice as the messaging can be instant – if the tutor needs to override individual preferences for some urgent reason – all in all, I find it great and have already started recommending it to teachers when I run edtech training workshops and talk about communications platforms to keep their students connected.

Marisa is a teacher educator & Director of CELT, a Cambridge CELTA & DELTA centre in Athens and online.  She is a frequent conference presenter with publications including materials for children, literature and numerous articles on TEFL, Language, Linguistics and Education.  A member of IATEFL International, she an active ELT blogger and Twitter user (moderator of #ELTchat) nominated for an ELTons Award in 2012.

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