Jump Start Your Student Organization Planning

Get a head start re-launching your student organization before the semester starts!  You’ll avoid the headaches of accommodating hectic schedules, motivate group members, and allow you to focus on classes when they actually start next week.

First things first — find out when everyone is available. Whether for a weekly executive board meeting or a monthly membership meeting, it is critical that a majority of your members can actually attend meetings. Students’ class schedules have probably changed since last semester, so it’s important to confirm your meeting time and location.  Sending out mass emails and having people respond individually can be messy and confusing. By creating a poll, members can select their top 3 or 4 meeting times that would work with their schedule.  Reaching out now will feel like you’re beating the rush hour traffic.

Next, get a head start on planning events. Put group speakers, field trips, and other events on a shared calendar so that your members know what’s coming up. This will avoid any scheduling conflicts, and you’ll generate excitement for the upcoming semester.

After you’ve established contact with group members, create to-do lists online for executive board members to complete before your first meeting — whether they are booking rooms or brainstorming.  Most students have more free time during winter break, so take advantage of this to get things done prior to the hectic start of the semester.

Before your first meeting or event, send out reminders via text message to your members.  Students always have their phones on them, so sending a text guarantees they’ll get the message. You’ll never have to worry about an unexpected room change or other conflict affecting the start of meeting again.

Do you have any tips for how to be productive before the semester starts?

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