January Wiggio Group: FIRST Robotics Team “The MetalCows”

January’s Wiggio Group of the Month is The MetalCows – FIRST FRC Team 4213. We spoke with The MetalCow’s president, Dinesh Sahu, to learn about how they’re using Wiggio.


What groups are you using Wiggio to manage?

We are the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition, which is a program intended to give high-school students experience with being part of a team that is accomplishing real engineering tasks and is part of the FIRST family. We are given a “Kit of Parts” and 6 weeks to build a robot to compete with others teams from around the region in a different game every year. Team Metal Cow is out of Normal, IL and is associated with 4H as well as local schools. We have around 20 team members as well 10 mentors who aid us in creating a mind blowing robot.

How did you hear about Wiggio?

I heard about Wiggio when I was on my previous FIRST FRC team, team 1504, the Desperate Penguins. We used it to communicate and collaborate, so when I came over to this team (we are in our second year, and I have been a part of it for both years), I introduced the idea to the team, and we’ve been using it ever since.

How are you using Wiggio to collaborate?

We are using the Wiggio to collaborate by using the calendar to notify people of meeting times, snack assignments, and last minute updates. As the season rolls on, the team will use it for individual miniature assignments (such as the website game, or the animation game). We also use it for logistics purposes (carpooling, room assignments, etc.)

What tools do you use the most? What is your favorite tool?

The tools we use the most are the calendar as well as the conversation threads. We occasionally use the documents tools. The tool that I love the most is the calendar (it keeps us organized and on time, and I love how I can sync it to my Android).

Was there ever a time when you were thankful for Wiggio?

I am thankful for Wiggio every day. Without it, a team this large would be immensely complicated to run, especially given the fact that we’re doing so many things at once. One specific time was when we were trying to get everything up and running (after kickoff, which was Jan. 5, 2013) and without Wiggio, it would have been much more difficult to get everything as organized as fast as we did.

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