How Facebook Inspired Wiggio

As our newsfeeds buzz about Facebook’s IPO, we can’t help but think about how it all started right here in the Boston area.  In a recent article with the Boston Business Journal, our CEO Dana Lampert shared the ways Facebook inspired him to build a tech startup.

Dana Lampert

“Facebook had a major impact on me and my decision to build a tech company. As a college freshman in 2004, I was one of the first few thousand users — by my senior year in ’08, I had seen the product evolve and the user base scale into the millions. It was inspiring to see a product spread so quickly through word-of-mouth, and it really opened my eyes to the opportunities emerging on the web — mainly that the open web makes it possible to scale a product faster and cheaper than ever before. It was also inspiring to see such a young entrepreneur at the helm, making difficult decisions with confidence and conviction. It proved to me (and everyone my age) that you don’t have to have gray hair and an MBA to build something meaningful.”

Read the full article from Boston Business Journal here:

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