Group of the Month: Pre-Health Society @ Simpson College

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Wiggio’s October Group of the Month is the Pre-Health Society at Simpson College, where students who are interested in the field of public health are welcome to voice their opinions about trends in related fields of their interest.  The organization’s goal is to inform people about the numerous health-related professions, and to help them discover career possibilities. We connected with Ted Heying, this year’s President of the Pre-Health Society to see why they love Wiggio.
Pre-Health Society1Wiggio
Pre-Health Society has just started using Wiggio at the beginning if this semester, August 2012. At the end of to 2011/12 school year, Simpson College’s Student Government Association promoted groups utilize Wiggio during the upcoming school year.
One of the biggest frustrations in years past was keeping track of email lists. Wiggio has revolutionized the way I am able to communicate with members between meetings.
I love the events creator.  It allows me to easily create a group event, prompting me for details I may inadvertently omit if sending out a regular email. Also, the reminder option allows me to send information out in advance so people can plan to attend an event and automatically receive a reminder about the event without me having to send out another email which saves me time and while still benefiting the members. 
Wiggio has eased the way in which the members of Pre-Health Society are informed of meetings, events, and opportunities pertinent to them. Simpson College has already provided many different speakers and forum events pertaining to different health professions and careers that benefit individuals interested in pursuing a career in a health-related field. Wiggio has allowed me to share information about these events in an organized fashion that reaches interested individuals as well as providing them with a centralized place to review and contribute information about these events and meetings.

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