February Group: The Honors Program at CUNY LaGuardia Community College

The Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) is the student arm of the Honors Program at the City University of New York’s LaGuardia Community College. We are a very active grassroots, student-driven collective that aims to cultivate a community of students and alumni committed to providing academic, professional, leadership and civic engagement opportunities to the student body at our college.

How are you using Wiggio?

Wiggio is like a catalyst for the transformative process involved in making a group into team. We love how it incorporates multiple aspects of social media so that people can stay in constant communication about major projects and the day-to-day running of HSAC. We believe that effective and efficient communication is key to a team’s success, and Wiggio enables a high level of communication with its multi-faceted and multi-media approach. We use Wiggio to have a continuous dialog when we organize specific projects and events (brainstorming ideas, working on shared draft documents like flyers and draft scripts), and also for day-to-day HSAC business (like sharing meeting minutes, having a shared calendar to keep everyone on track on what’s happening each week throughout the semester). We all have very different and heavy class and home/work schedules, so Wiggio enables us to stay in touch, stay on task (thank you to-do list!), and meet deadlines. For a group that is run as a collective, Wiggio is a perfect tool: it enables all of us to be active and have access to important information and conversations.

How did you hear about Wiggio?

Our Program Director received an email from Wiggio about its services in 2009. She tried it out and loved it, and since then, has been using it for all the student groups she advises.

What tools do you use the most?

One of the beauties of Wiggio is that we don’t have to tax our personal in-boxes with large attachments or multiple conversations about different dimensions of HSAC work. And there is no danger of an email being buried under other personal or school emails, or overlooked from our email list. Everything related to HSAC can be found in one platform!

Which is your favorite Wiggio feature?

Our favorite tools include: the shared calendar, and the email and text messaging features. We also like the fact that we can use a poll for our initiatives because we can then refine our strategies and focus. Finally, we love the ability to create sub-groups because HSAC works a lot with sub-committees. Being able to control the audience for each discussion thread really helps us streamline our communication, and not burden the entire group with discussions taking place on the micro-level.

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