December Wiggio Group: Tolkien Fan Party Event Planners

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The December Wiggio Group of the Month are the Tolkien Fan Party planners. This network of professionals organize popular Tolkien Fan Parties for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work — including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit — across the country. 
We interviewed Diana Martinez, the lead event planner for the nationwide network of Tolkien Fan party events, about how she is using Wiggio to manage other event planners.
Awesome time, @PESKaty at Middle Earth Houston. Great event. Working on the video right now. Enjoy this shot!m4dski11z
How did you hear about Wiggio?
I’m not entirely sure, I remember finding a similar platform in the Google Chrome web store but it cost too much and didn’t offer all the features I wished for. I used Google to find out if there were others like it and I was about to give up when I found you guys. I couldn’t believe it was free because it had every single feature I could hope for.
How are you using Wiggio with you group?
We are utilizing Wiggio as a meeting point to exchange information, ideas, and brainstorm together as we plan our events.
What tools do you use the most?
I’d like to say the live chat feature, we do it daily to keep everyone informed about the latest developments. Although I’m partial to all of the nifty tools available, such as the ability to create documents and task lists.
Was there ever a time that you were thankful for Wiggio?
I am thankful for Wiggio every time I log on; there’s no way we could work on this project without it – it would be a logistical nightmare.
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