August Wiggio Group: Student Event Planner’s Association

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Wiggio’s August Group of the Month is the Student Event Planner’s Association (SEPA), which is a professional organization that caters to students pursuing a career in the event-planning and hospitality industry. 

SEPA’s mission is “to provide a professional outlet for future event planners to gain knowledge, experience, develop skills, and network”, and they are using Wiggio to achieve these goals.  We connected with Aubri Nowowiejski, the founder of SEPA, to learn more about how SEPA is using Wiggio to achieve their goals.  

W: How did you hear about Wiggio, and how long has SEPA been using it?
AN: Shannon McFadden, the Texas State University Woman of the Year for 2009, referred us to Wiggio.  SEPA has been using Wiggio since 2009; three years, going on four.  
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W:  Why did you choose Wiggio over other collaboration software?
AN:  We were looking for an online platform to store our documents and templates that could be easily “passed on” to incoming presidents and officers; replacing the old “binder” that always seemed to be lost or had nothing in it at the end of the year.  Joining Wiggio, we quickly realized that the platform had so much more to offer! From a shared calendar to virtual meetings, conference calls, polls, mass-messaging, etc. We have used it all!
W:  Describe a time when you were thankful for Wiggio.
AN:  Every time we have a meeting! We are able to pull documents quickly and can even schedule our meetings through Wiggio.  I also love the poll feature, because when we couldn’t get officers to respond to an e-mail with their thoughts and opinions, the poll was well received and simplified the decision making process.
W:  What types of groups have you created? 
AN:  We have one group for the Student Event Planners Association as a whole. We have then created sub-groups for each of our chapters.
W:  What is your favorite feature, and which tools do you use the most?
AN:  I spend most of my time in the folder tab, uploading and organizing SEPA’s documents and templates. I also love monitoring the feed and the update e-mails to see how our leadership is utilizing the Wiggio account.  My favorite tools would have to be the scheduling tools.  I love how easy it is to schedule a conference call or virtual meeting and how it automatically updates to the shared calendar.
Thanks for sharing, Aubri!  If you have a group that would like to be featured, email us! 

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