Chat Rooms Make Class Collaboration Easy

Storified by Shannon Lehotsky · Fri, Oct 26 2012 07:55:23

Author:  Kevin Schuchmann, teacher at West Delaware High School, as part of A Teacher Life Guest Blog Series.

I have been a big fan of using chat room discussions as a collaborative tool for over 20 years.  It gives everyone a chance to say whatever they want to say when they want to say it.  Whether it is with a classroom full of students or with an organization filled with adults, a chat room puts everyone on the same playing field and gives everyone an equal voice.

You can’t find a more secure, simpler way to use chat rooms than through Wiggio.  Click on a button, give the chat room a name, invite who you want to invite and you are on your way.


One of my latest attempts at collaborative participation is to open several chat rooms simultaneously for students to pick topics that interest them. One day we looked at the various ways to visit the Grand Canyon. I picked the topics and synchronized the starting times for the chat rooms. Each student entered the chat room of choice.  Everyone got involved and the facts poured in.  All I had to do was bounce back and forth between the various rooms and monitor the events as they unfolded.  Everyone was involved all the time.

Anyone invited to a Wiggio chat room automatically gets notified by either a text message or Email. This comes in really handy for remote access. Using a chat room also provides an opportunity for keeping in contact even though the classroom is miles away.

From an historical point of view, the information typed in those chat rooms can be used again and again. Any chat room dialogue remains intact long after the last keystroke was struck.  This makes grading easy. It also makes it simple to recall what was said and who said it. Wiggio chat rooms really do make collaborative communication a lot easier.

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