A Teacher Life: Kevin Schuchmann

Storified by Shannon Lehotsky · Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:38:15

Kevin Schuchmann has been teaching business and technology courses for over 20 years, and today, he uses Wiggio as his primary project management tool in all of his classes. Currently, Kevin is a business and computer education instructor in the West Delaware County Community School District in Manchester, Iowa, where he teaches four classes. We recently connected with Kevin to discuss how Web 2.0 is changing education and why he calls Wiggio “ahead of its time.”

After discovering our site two years ago, Kevin has now become a Wiggio “power user” – which is, someone who uses Wiggio for multiple groups for multiple purposes. But long before he started using Wiggio, Kevin has been a pioneer in the movement to integrate technology into the classroom. “My love for Web 2.0 tools developed long before the term identifying them was created. For the most part, my classroom has been paperless since I completed my first Web Design course online in the late 1990’s. Not that it was that good. It probably wasn’t. But at least I called it mine.

“The only way I could get Internet access in the classroom was to bring my own dial-up modem, unhook the phone and use my personal AOL account. Almost immediately I could see the benefit from students using online tools as a means for relating to each other and the world.”

Now that Internet access has become a little easier to acquire, Kevin connects with all of his students online. On the first day of each class, Kevin requires his students to create a Wiggio account, and to join the class group. Each student must update their profiles to include their email address and cell phone number for easy communication with each other. Then for the rest of the semester, his classes use Wiggio as their center for group communication.

Kevin extends his Wiggio network to outside the classroom. His largest, and longest running Wiggio group is for the high school softball team he coaches. ”It has 89 members that include both parents and students. The sports writer from the local newspaper will also be joining as well.”

We’re consistently impressed with the way the Kevin is able to use Wiggio to it’s fullest extent. During a recent phone conversation, Kevin told us that he thought Wiggio was “ahead of its time” because of the vast array of features we provide. We’ve been hearing from Kevin how Wiggio has helped him manage groups, and we want to share his story – but this calls for more than just one blog post. Which is why we’re excited to announce this special addition to our blog: each week, Kevin will chronicle the ways he is using Wiggio in the classroom. We’re calling it: A Wiggio Life: Kevin Schuchmann. (Since we’re Boston based, we felt it was fitting.) Each week, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a teacher using Wiggio to manage his classwork.

“Today I teach Web design, computer applications, and other business classes from a platform that’s open 24 hours a day to students and their families. Students can work from home, transfer files between each other, and communicate throughout the world in just about anyway imaginable. Assignments have been completed from laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Who wouldn’t love teaching with all the great changes going on.”

Check back to blog.wiggio.com for to see how Kevin is using Wiggio, and get ideas for how we can help you with your own groups.
Here are some of the ways Kevin Schuchmann has used Wiggio:
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