6 Ways to Make Your Group Presentation Stand Out

When giving a group presentation, it is important to make sure that you keep your audience’s attention. After all, the goal is to make sure that they leave with the key points you are trying to present.  However, according to researchers the average attention span of an adult is 20 minutes, which is not a lot of time to get your message across. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your presentation more memorable:

  • group project memeTake turns.  During presentations, it seems that there is always one individual who speaks for a majority of the time, relative to his peers. You don’t want to have one person speaking for too long, as it may bore the audience. By having people speak in even amounts of time, you can reset the audience’s time span and the group as a whole will look more knowledgeable.
  • 10/20/30 Rule.  If you need a basic set-up, try and see if the 10/20/30 rule works:  10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font.

  • Dress to impress.  Although this tip is often overlooked, it is one that I believe is truly helpful. Appearance is key not only to your group, but also in grabbing the audience’s attention. By looking professional, you will feel more confident in yourself and it will show during your presentation.
  • Keep it clean.  You would be surprised the amount of text I see in presentations sometimes. Adding too much text on slides makes the presentation look sloppy and unorganized. Limit the number of words and format in succinct bullet points, then memorize what to say.
  • Use Visuals.  To stimulate the audience’s attention try adding one image or video to each slide.  The utilization of visual aid provides ways to generate interest, reinforce the message, and allows the crowd to retain the information more effectively.Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 1.39.45 PM
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Rehearse before your presentation as a good way to go over any kinks, or problems your group may have. This allows every member to know when to speak and makes the presentation flow smoothly. Best of all, doing so will be sure to make a noticeable difference in your group’s performance.

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David Huang is a junior at Tufts University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and minor in Communications and Media Studies.

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