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Press Release: Wiggio partners with Social Grow

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

September 29, 2009 – BOSTON, Mass. ─ Wiggio (, creators of popular web-based group collaboration software, today announced their selection of software, consulting, and professional services company SocialGrow (, as the beta commercial customer for their flagship software application.

“Wiggio is providing SocialGrow with their online collaboration platform to enable us to communicate more effectively with remote team members, archive critical e-mail conversations, and provide a single, secure repository for all text, image, and video documents to help us quickly grow our new company” said SocialGrow President and Co-Founder Marsh Sutherland.

Wiggio President Dana Lampert stated, “SocialGrow is providing Wiggio with real-time user feedback, and suggestions for new feature/functionality to improve the application and our service overall.” Lampert went on to say, “Wiggio was originally built to support collaboration among student teams in an academic environment, yet we’ve seen major adoption among small companies and non-profits. With SocialGrow as our beta commercial client, Wiggio will be able to quickly add features which support other startups and small businesses to collaborate effectively and work productively, regardless of team members’ physical locations.”

SocialGrow’s Sutherland further said “by using Wiggio to collaborate online, and keep one set of documents in a single repository, SocialGrow gives us the benefit of automated version control for all of our business documents. We simply cc: our Wiggio e-mail address to archive e-mails for future use. It could not be easier!”
Wiggio’s Lampert concluded by saying “Wiggio makes it easy for SocialGrow’s employees to keep each other up-to-date in real-time, without having to interrupt their work flows.”

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About Wiggio

Wiggio is a group application software company. With over 200,000 users, the company’s software application allows group members to share and edit files, host free video meetings and conference calls, manage a group calendar, poll group members, post links, chat online and send mass text, voice and email messages to group members. Wiggio was created in January 2008 by Dana Lampert. Wiggio’s mission is to eliminate frustration, and enable groups to work effectively. For more information please visit

About SocialGrow

SocialGrow is a software, consulting, and professional services company. SocialGrow’s flagship software application helps individuals, small businesses, large enterprises, governments, academia, and non-profit organizations to quickly and easily grow their online social networks. SocialGrow was founded in July 2009 by Marsh Sutherland, Ken Herron, and Charbel Elkhoury. SocialGrow’s mission is to help people realize the value of social networks. For more information please visit