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Click to register for the Wiggio Webinar on Wed. 12/12 @ 8pm EST.

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New to Wiggio?  Not sure how you can use Wiggio to make group work easy?  Have questions about the application?
Join us for a Wiggio Webinar on Wednesday, December 12th at 8pm EST.  During this webinar, we’ll give a brief overview of the application then hold a Q&A session afterwards.  The webinar will run for one hour.
Want to attend?  Follow these simple steps: 
1.  Join the webinar group in Wiggio (linked above).  If you don’t have a Wiggio account, you can create one upon clicking that link.
2.  Make sure you have headphones or a headset before the meeting.
3.  A few minutes before 8pm EST on Wednesday December 12th, go back to the Wiggio group and click the link to join the meeting.  Or, look out for a reminder email that we’ll send 30 minutes prior to the webinar containing a link to enter the meeting.  
Looking forward to you joining us!  If you have any questions, please email shannon@wiggio.com.
-Shannon Lehotsky, Marketing Director, Wiggio

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